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Best Electric Scooter Brands

What Are The Best Bean Bags?

So what are the best bean bags for sale in the uk? Is it the Fat Boy, The Big Bertha, or something completely different.

Well, I can tell you now, the bigger the bean bag, the better it is. There are some really good deals on giant bean bags out there, below is a few of the best ones.

To buy any giant bean bag furniture go to this giant bean bag uk store, they sell a giant bean bag bed that can be used as a giant bean bag sofa and even have some of the very best giant bean bag chair floor cushions and loungers available in the uk.

You can get big bean bags for use outdoors and even fluffy ones for use indoors that are great for keeping you snug and warm in the winter.

Top Giant Bean Bags

Giant bean bag cushionThis giant bean bag is called the Bazaar Bag, it looks just like the Fat Boy and the Big Bertha only a whole lot cheaper.

Yes, these huge bean bags are cheaper than the well known branded bean bags so do not think that just because the price is less that the quality is less too because it is not.

This giant bean bag cushion is actually as big as the well known branded versions too measuring a massive six foot across and a huge five foot wide.

It is also classed as an indoor outdoor bean bag, it is waterproof and can therefore be used in the garden or backyard as well as in the house.

These bean bags are available to buy in twelve funky colours too, there is certainly going to be a colour for everyone here.

I suppose you could even class this as a giant bean bag bed, it is certainly big enough and comfy enough to sleep on. They are great for kids to have in their bedroom, they make great gaming and TV chairs and are perfect to have around for when friends come over to stay.

Giant bean bag couchIf you are looking for a giant bean bag couch then you will not be disappointed if you purchase this one, as you can see it is absolutely massive and can easily seat two adults on it at the same time.

These bean bags are a little more stylish that the waterproof polyester ones above being made from faux leather, which actually looks and feels just like real leather only a whole lot cheaper.

The bag is really very well made and has been double stitched all the way round to ensure it does not split open.

You could certainly use this giant bean bag as you main couch in your living room, perfect for students and first time home buyers that don't quite have enough money for a 3 piece suite yet.

These bean bags are available for sale in three different colours, brown, cream and black, they will certainly look great in any room that they go into.

Some people even use these xxl bean bags as extra seating in their conservatories or even kids play rooms and games rooms.

The customer reviews are excellent, you can read them all over at, just remember, this is one massive bean bag, make sure you have the room for it before you buy one.

Giant bean bag chairIf you are a large guy or girl, either rather heavy or tall and are wondering if you will be able to get comfy on a bean bag chair then I can assure you that you will have no problems on this giant bean bag chair.

The great thing about this chair is that it is high backed, so it provides great back support even for large tall adults.

As you can see, the bean bag is super stylish and is certain to look great in any room that it goes into, any teenager would absolutely love to have one of these in their bedroom.

Providing such good back and neck support makes it the ideal gaming chair or TV seat, it will certainly be your new favourite place to sit in the house.

All the huge bean bags featured here come filled with beans ready to use, you are not going to have to buy the beans separately, it is all included in the for sale price.

You will certainly consider it money well spent, there will always be someone using the chair in the house including your pets, yes cats and dogs love these giant bean bags too.

More Bean Bags

To see even more massive bean bags like the ones above and to read more reviews on them just head on over to It's a great place to go before you buy a bean bag, they even show videos of the bags in use to help you decide if they are right for you or not.

Blog Posts

Top Baby Bean Bags

Below you will find a review of the top 3 baby bean bags for sale in the uk today. Each bean bag offers different options, which you should read about to know which is the right one for your baby to use.

It is important to know that a baby bean bag can be used from birth. The bag should not be used when your baby starts to wriggle, they could then be in danger of flipping the bean bag onto themselves.

Top 3 Best Baby Bean Bags

Bambeano baby bean bagsIn at number one is the Bambeano baby bean bag, these bean bags are really well priced and look great too.

The only major problem with these bean bags for your baby is that they are only available to buy in one style in three different colours, other baby bean bag brands offer a lot more options than this.

The great thing about these bags is that they come with a free toddler bean bag cover, this means your child can still make use of the bean bag as they get older.

To make use of the toddler chair all you have to do is transfer the beans from the baby cover into the toddler cover, easy.

This means that your child will have the use of these bean bags from birth up until they are around eight years old, they will be getting a little big for the bean bag at this age.

Reviews on these baby bean bags are very good indeed, some parents go as far as stating that they are the best item that you can buy for your baby, they help them sleep too.

Doomoo baby bean bagsThis is the Doomoo baby bean bag chair, it looks great and unlike the Bambeano is available for sale in the uk in many different styles and colours.

You are certain to find a baby bean bag by this brand that is going to fit in with the decor of your babies nursery.

All of the baby bean bags featured here have safety straps, this is the only one where the straps are removable.

There is a reason for it having removable straps, this is to allow the baby bean bag to be transformed into a toddler bean bag.

With this deal you get two covers, just like the Bambeano, this enables your child to use the bean bag as they get older from birth up to around 5 years old.

The only negative about these baby bean bags is that they are a lot more expensive than other brands and in most cases are double the price.

You can buy and read more about each baby bean bag chair by heading on over to, they reveal in depth about safety and which are the best brands and non baby bean bag brands to buy.

Gaga baby bean bagsThese have to be the most stylish baby bean bags that you can buy in the uk today, the only problem is that they do not transform into a toddler bean bag chair like the others do.

This is called the Gaga baby bean bag and will only really be utilized by your baby from birth to around six or seven weeks old to when your baby starts to wriggle, is it worth the money?

I would say that it is an expensive purchase because it can't be used when your child gets a little older into their toddler years like the other two baby bean bags can.

The great thing about these ben bags is that they are available in a whole range of funky colours and designs, they do look good.

Baby bean bags can definitely help babies sleep that suffer from colic, although it is dangerous for babies to sleep on them over night, you should not do this.

They also help with flat head syndrome which can occur from putting a baby on a hard floor all the time, putting your baby on a soft bean bag will eliminate this problem all together.

More Baby Bean Bags

These are the top three branded baby bean bags to buy in the UK today, of course there are cheaper non branded bags available for babies to use which in most cases are just as good quality, read the reviews to find a good one.

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Best Electric Scooter Brands

The best electric scooter brands are obviously the most popular. To see reviews on all electric scooters click here, the best electric scooter for one person will not be the best for another.

You see, it all depends on what you want to use the scooter for. Is the scooter for an adult, teen or kids? Is it for play or is it for commuting?

Top Two Wheel Electric Scooter Brands

Okay, lets get right into it and list the best electric scooter brands for sale in the UK and USA:

· Razor
· Pulse Performance
· UberScoot
· EcoReco

So which is the best electric scooter brand for you? Like I say, it all depends on what you want to use the electric scooter for.

Best electric scooter brands

Money also comes into play, some of these electric scooters are rather expensive. If you have a low budget you will not be able to afford plenty of them.

To help you decide which is the best electric scooter brands available to you we will review and discuss a cheap electric scooter model and a high end electric scooter model.

Both of these two wheeled electric scooters can be used by adults and kids. The laws on using electric scooters in the UK and USA can be viewed over at

Razor electric scooter brandBy far the most popular two wheeled electric scooters are from the Razor brand. These are so popular because they are very reasonably priced.

By far the most popular Razor model is the Razor E300. This also comes with a seated version called the E300s.

The Razor E300 is great for adults and kids to use and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to purchase, which is one of the main reasons that it is just so popular.

This two wheeled electric scooter can take a weight up to 15 stones, which is about 220 pounds, and has a cracking top speed of 15 miles per hour.

However, as you would expect, with such a cheap electric scooter there are going to be a few bug bears in there somewhere, and believe me there is.

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